As an experienced dermatologist, I know the effects of sun on the skin. During my work I see more and more people with skin cancer. And since I became a mother of 2 boys, I have become even more aware of questions surrounding the harmful effects of the sun and the importance of good protection. This is twofold, first of all because as a mother I want the very best for my children. But also because, regardless of my experience as a dermatologist, I myself am faced with the search for good protection.

Sunburn of the skin increases the risk of skin cancer, and sunburn at a young age in particular gives a higher risk.

In children, cell division is very rapid because children are growing, and this happens so quickly that damaged skin cells do not get the chance, or do not have enough time to repair themselves before dividing again. And this results in scarring in the 'skin cells'. That makes children's skin so vulnerable to UV radiation, and makes good sun protection so important.

But the skin also suffers damage from prolonged sunbathing, without the skin really getting burned. Always protect your skin from the sun!

The advice is to lubricate, clothes, keep:

  1. Lubrication: lubricate yourself with sunscreen;
  2. Clothes: cover your skin by wearing enough clothes;
  3. Keep out: seek the shade as much as possible, especially between 12:00 and 15:00.

We now know that you should put yourself and your child well to prevent burns. But what is good rubbing?

It is important to always be aware that the sun is always there. Not only on the beach, but also when you go to play, cycling or walking you catch a lot of sun rays. This also applies when the sun is less visible, for example on a cloudy day or in the shade.

Therefore, always use a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least SPF30, and at a very young age SPF50, which protects against UV-A and UV-B radiation. Lubricate your child at least half an hour before going out into the sun, so that it can absorb well, and repeat the greasing every 2 hours. Also reapply when your child gets out of the water, has dried off, or has sweated from playing.

And apply thickly, because the protection factor decreases when you apply thinly.

Always keep babies out of full sun. Stay out of the sun between 12 and 3, even if the children are well rubbed. The sun power is then the highest.

I know from experience that not all children always like to be rubbed, and these rules are quite difficult to follow correctly, so I also recommend protective clothing. And then protective clothing that covers as completely as possible, to be sure that your child is always well protected against the sun.

Once I became a mother, I noticed how difficult it is to find good protective, beautiful and durable UV clothing that really covers the entire skin. Sunwear that lasts a long time, better for people and the planet. This is how the idea for UV-Play was born: optimally covering swimwear that protects children against harmful UV radiation. And looks nice too!

Most regular clothing still allows UV radiation to pass through, so if you want to be sure that clothing offers good protection against the sun, choose UV-resistant clothing with the 'UPF50+' quality mark.

Even when the UV-Play clothing gets wet, it protects completely against the sun, it dries very quickly, breathes, moves with you like a second skin, and you can easily rinse it out.

My experience is that children like to wear this because it is comfortable. As a parent I like it because it saves a lot of hassle and worries.

Put on your sunwear and sunscreen and Play!