Why is it so important to protect children from the sun?

Most people now know that good sun protection is important because the sun can cause skin cancer.

But why is it so important to protect children's skin in particular?

When the skin is burned by the sun, 'scars' appear in the skin cells. The risk of skin cancer increases the more scars appear in the skin cells.

In children, cell division is very rapid because children are growing, and this happens so quickly that damaged skin cells do not get the chance, or do not have enough time to repair themselves before dividing again. And this results in scarring in the 'skin cells'. That makes children's skin so vulnerable to UV radiation, and makes good sun protection so important.

The advice is lubricate, clothes, keep!

What many people do know is that you have to lubricate properly. What is more difficult is to know how to lubricate, how often to lubricate, and whether lubrication is sufficient to offer good protection, especially to the vulnerable children's skin. You can read more about this in the article about lubrication.

Lubrication only provides sufficient protection if you do this completely according to the rules. And precisely because it is difficult to follow those rules completely, and yet it is also quite a hassle, that lubrication, I recommend protective clothing. And clothing that covers as completely as possible, to ensure that your child is completely protected against the sun without looking back, without rules, without hassle.

Put on your sunwear and Play!