Solar radiation also has healthy sides / positive effects of UV radiation

UV light causes the epidermis to become thicker and browner, making it more resistant to UV radiation. A second effect of UV-B radiation: it stimulates the production of vitamin D.

The skin is the main source of that vitamin for our body.*

Vitamin D is essential for calcium metabolism in the body. A deficiency leads to osteoporosis and muscle weakness in both the elderly and children. Vitamin D is naturally found in oily fish and some mushrooms.

Other beneficial effects of vitamin D are said to strengthen the immune system, protect against diabetes by controlling blood sugars, against cardiovascular disease thanks to its blood pressure lowering effect, and even against Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis**. If you block UV-B exposure, you block the production of vitamin D.

And perhaps the most appreciated effect: it makes people happy and feels good.

But how much vitamin D do people need? Fifteen minutes daily with hands and face in the summer sun is sufficient.

Dermatologist Judith Serrarens associated with the Skin Medical Center in Amsterdam finds ………………….

That is why I recommend protective clothing. And then full-coverage protective clothing, to make sure your child is always fully protected from the sun.