UV protective clothing. Created by a doctor, developed by a mother

Endless fun and carefree summer days, those are the memories we make with our children. drs. As an experienced skin doctor, Judith Serrarens knows the consequences of the sun on the skin. Burns in young children lead to UV damage and a higher risk of skin cancer later in life. As a mother of two, she also noticed how difficult it was to find good protective, beautiful and durable UV clothing that really covers as much of the body as possible. Sunwear that lasts a long time, and ensures that you need much less sun cream. That is better for people and the planet. The idea for UV-Play was born: optimally covering swimwear that protects children against harmful UV radiation. And looks nice too!

Optimal protection, carefree comfort
The UV-protective clothing from UV-Play protects the body with a factor of 50+, including the (complete) arms and legs. As a mother, Judith knows what children want, and their parents: swimwear should be comfortable, look nice and be easy to use. It is also fun for the parents. No longer applying sun cream every few hours, but trusting that your child is always optimally protected against the sun.

UV Play: Put on your sunwear and play!